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Marnitz Van Heerden

True CX transformation – The playfield of the brave and fearless

A Talk by Marnitz Van Heerden (Head: Group Customer, Hollard Insurance, Hollard)

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About this Talk

True CX transformation creates significantly value for stakeholders, challenges industry norms and causes the convergences of business models, in some cases it even makes competitors and industries obsolete as new market spaces are defined and captured by the brave and fearless brands who pursue this strategy. However, many brands attempt and fail at true CX transformation, partly because their understanding of what it takes to transformation CX is outdated. This talk explores what true CX transformation is, how it creates value, why brands fail at it, how to know if your brand is ready and finally the key steps to venture down the exhilarating, challenging and rewarding path of true CX transformation.

About The Speakers

Marnitz Van Heerden

Marnitz Van Heerden

Head: Group Customer, Hollard Insurance, Hollard

Masters, Business Administration, CCXP (Certified Customer Experience Professional) Director of the CXSA (Customer Experience South Africa) industry association