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Marjan Geerts

The value of UX design in your company

A Talk by Marjan Geerts (UX designer and coach, UX Coach)

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About this Talk

There is a huge overlap between the Customer experience (CX) and User experience (UX), but what are the differences? And although companies are looking for skilled and highly experienced UX designers, there is a growing supply of entry-level and junior UX designers on the job market. What circumstances are needed to bring out the value of UX design? What needs to change within companies to make junior UX designers empowered and influential employees who deliver value for the user and their company?

About The Speakers

Marjan Geerts

Marjan Geerts

UX designer and coach, UX Coach

Marjan has been working for Bell Labs, Nobel Biocare, Internet Architects and UXpro and has founded UX Coach in 2019