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Nina Guybennet

The ROI of CX. How to convince top-management and stakeholders to invest into customer and customer needs (in Russian)

A Talk by Nina Guybennet (CX Lead, Tele2)

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About this Talk

  • Correlation between NPS and market growth
  • Why promoters are the most valuable asset of the company
  • How to measure the quality of service in financial terms?
  • How to put customer in the center of all decisions

This talk will be in Russian.

About The Speakers

Nina Guybennet

Nina Guybennet

CX Lead, Tele2

More than 20 years of experience in telecom industry, one of the evangelists of human-centric corporate culture in Russia. Joined TELE2 in 2003 as a Head of Service, since 2015 – Head of CX.