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Olga Potaptseva

The experience economy

A Talk by Olga Potaptseva (Founder, European customer consultancy)

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About this Talk

How mature is the experience economy globally and in our region? What is the future of CX in the Caucuses? Is there really a benefit in being customer centric? The answers to these any many other questions in this inspiring talk from Olga Potaptseva, a global CX implementation adviser, who has been living in Georgia for the past 2 years

About The Speakers

Olga Potaptseva

Olga Potaptseva

Founder, European customer consultancy

Olga is the inventor of a CX Implementation Toolkit that has proven to embed customer centricity 3-4 times faster, in a sustainable way. Her purpose is to make as many companies as possible truly customer centric, meaning they think and act in the interest of their customers and get the business benefits this approach deserves. Olga is an international customer experience leader, speaker, global best selling author. She has been recognised as Top 150 Global CX Professionals in 2020 and Top 25 in the UK in 2019.