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Amélie Beerens

The CX mindset. Discover with me the 3 key elements you should consider as the basic practices of any CX methodology

A Talk by Amélie Beerens (Customer Experience Consultant)

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About this Talk

I believe the right mindset makes magic happen. If you set your mind on the right elements and focus, all the problems, canvas, and frameworks maze become suddenly more evident.

It's like finding the right recipes; everything is well balanced, and everybody (or almost) likes it.

In my CX practices, I keep focusing on these three elements, and that's where I see results. I'll share that with you today!

About The Speakers

Amélie Beerens

Amélie Beerens

Customer Experience Consultant

CX Consultant & Podcast, I help Managers take actions on their digital roadmap thanks to my strong Customer Centric Mindset.