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Mike Wittenstein Akos Tolnai Laura Tengerdi Michelle Badenhorst Andrea Hanyecz

Facilitated Networking

A Talk by Andrea Hanyecz , Laura Tengerdi , Akos Tolnai , Michelle Badenhorst and Mike Wittenstein

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About this Talk

Would you like to talk about hot CX topics with like-minded professionals across the globe? The main objective of this session is to get to know and network with CX colleagues from around the world in an informal way.

During this session, you will be divided to Zoom breakout rooms with fellow CX practitioners. A host/facilitator will be waiting for you there and assist you further. Do not miss this opportunity for an exciting discussion, a small game and sharing your views about hot CX topics, such as:

  • What are the barriers organizations face to focusing on CX?
  • How to balance CX against other priorities, e.g. cost optimization, standardization, profitability?
  • How are customers’ needs and wants changing due to Covid?
  • How have you changed your CX strategy during Covid vs before the pandemic started?
  • What will the CX profession look like in 1, 3, 5 years?
  • What values do you think are the most important from CX perspective? What are the common values of people in a CX community?
  • How do you stay resilient during your CX transformation?
  • How ca focusing on ’green’ sustainability result in a better customer experience?
  • Can you blend AI with humans in customer interaction to improve CX?
  • How does CX contribute to developing emotions and as a result loyalty from your customers?

We are sure that you will enjoy this session as much as we have enjoyed getting prepared for it with all the facilitators! See you!

Please note! The number of participants to the Facilitated Networking sessions is limited.


  • Michelle Badenhorst
  • Jim Bass
  • Rosaria Cirillo
  • Gabor Gellert
  • Olga Guseva
  • Andrea Hanyecz
  • Emily Jenkins
  • Fruzsina Keszocze
  • Nick Lygo-Baker
  • Spiros Milonas
  • Manuela Pifani
  • Tamas Sonkoly
  • Laura Tengerdi
  • Akos Tolnai
  • Tamas Turi
  • Anastasia Vladychynska
  • David Wales
  • Mike Wittenstein
  • Betul Yilmaz

About The Speakers

Andrea Hanyecz

Andrea Hanyecz

Certified Customer Experience Leader, Budapest Bank Zrt

Senior Customer Experience Manager of Budapest Bank. Earned CCXP in 2018.

Laura Tengerdi

Laura Tengerdi

Head of Marketing and Customer Experience, Budapest Bank HU

Laura Tengerdi is Head of Marketing and Customer Experience, part of the Senior Management Team of Budapest Bank, former GE Capital, Hungary. To top up her enthusiasm and experience in this field, she managed to become a CCXP (Certified Customer Experience Professional) in July 2018. In the past 3 years she is listed in the top 50 marketing professionals in Hungary.

Akos Tolnai

Akos Tolnai

Customer experience specialist, AbilityMatrix

Coaching, Customer Experience, Startups, Entrepreneurship, Business Design, Sales, Design Thinking, Sales and Marketing, Sales Strategy and Management, Product Strategy, Product Marketing, Product Development, Business Strategy, Business Model Design, Business Planning

Michelle Badenhorst

Michelle Badenhorst

Customer Experience Lead and Business Coach, Map & Key

Michelle is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CXPA) and Certified Professional Coach. She is also a two times best-selling co-author of ‘Customer Experience’. Michelle’s purpose in life is to empower people to think differently. Her corporate passionate is to enable businesses to think differently about who they are – and who they can be – in the context of the transformed customer experience.

Mike Wittenstein

Mike Wittenstein

Founder + Managing Partner, Storyminers

Mike has earned top professional designations in customer experience (CCXP), consulting (CMC), speaking (CSP, DTM), and business (MBA).