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Satenik Torosyan Arthur Arzumanyan

Marketing and CX relationship in education and business

A Talk by Arthur Arzumanyan and Satenik Torosyan

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About this Talk

Marketing is a long standing discipline within many academic courses, but now it is time to evolve and progress even further. Understanding customers’ needs, behavior, motivation and how to make them loyal as well as success factors for competitiveness are always under central concern of marketers, meanwhile most of these topics are closely connected with Customer Experience. The cooperation and reciprocal complementation between marketing and CX is the best way for solving customer centricity and ompetitiveness problems. We will discuss how the MBA programm at the Russian-Armenian University now merges the two topics.

About The Speakers

Arthur Arzumanyan

Arthur Arzumanyan

Senior Lecturer, Russian-Armenian University

DCG Lab Chief Marketing Officer; Lecturer, trainer, consultant in marketing & CX; 15 + years of marketing management; 10 years of academic experience.

Satenik Torosyan

Satenik Torosyan

Manager, Russian-Armenian University Business School

MBA, Economist , Linguist -Translator- Tutor