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Stacy Sherman

How To Do CX Right - a Human-Centered Approach

A Talk by Stacy Sherman (DoingCXRight®‬, DoingCXRight®‬)

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About this Talk

Stacy Sherman is speaking about humanizing business to create real brand affinity, loyalty, and a competitive edge that delivers results. Learn about DoingCXRight® — a journey based framework that maximizes employee and customer satisfaction through a ‘heart and science’ approach.

About The Speakers

Stacy Sherman

Stacy Sherman

DoingCXRight®‬, DoingCXRight®‬

Stacy Sherman, Certified Customer Experience and Employee Engagement expert, is known for differentiating brands by humanizing business and leading with a heart. She's a strategist and practitioner, applying methodologies every day as CX Director at Schindler Elevator Corporation. She is also a keynote speaker, author, Forbes writer, mentor, and founder of DoingCXRight®‬. Learn more about Stacy and her mission to help people like you at