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Mandisa Makubalo

Future of CX in S.A.

A Talk by Mandisa Makubalo (Founder and Managing Director, Unlimited Experiences SA)

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About this Talk

South Africa is a diverse country with a rich culture and nuances that require succinct approaches. For CX to find itself in the boardrooms of South African companies it requires an in-depth understanding of these nuances as both companies and customers cannot be viewed as a country. In addition to this CX solutions cannot be delivered and viewed as a one size fits all solution and with the forced re-modelling and re-design as a result of COVID-19 to both companies and customers the CX discipline has to undergo the same process to remain relevant.

About The Speakers

Mandisa Makubalo

Mandisa Makubalo

Founder and Managing Director, Unlimited Experiences SA

Delivery of the 2019 Journey to Service Excellence Programme for the Western Cape Government in South Africa and Principal Training Consultant for the 2019 Cape Innovation Initiative Technology Top Tech Tools for Women in Business Programme.