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Christopher Brooks Phil Klaus

Fireside Chat: The future of CX has changed forever

A Talk by Christopher Brooks and Prof. Dr. Phil Klaus

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About this Talk

In discussion, Prof Dr Phil Klaus and Clientship' MD share compelling research and evidence which highlights how during the pandemic, consumer behaviour has significantly changed. So much so that many of the rules and routines in customer experience are no longer relevant.

Hear the evidence based research presented by Prof Klaus' white paper highlighting the three overarching shifts which are wake up calls for business if they wish to retain customers in the future.Using case evidence from his The CX Right Reply, Christopher complements these findings presenting how companies are positively responding to the changing requirements of CX.

With this insight, CX leads will be able to review their plans and adjust to align to the new expectations of customers. Both reports will be available following the presentation.

About The Speakers

Christopher Brooks

Christopher Brooks

Managing Director, Clientship

Managing Director

Phil Klaus

Prof. Dr. Phil Klaus

Professor of CX Strategy and Management, University of Monaco

Professor of Customer Experience Strategy and Management, International University of Monaco, Chairman PK Customer Experience Institute, CEO and Founder Prof. Dr. Phil Klaus & Associates Consulting Bestselling Author (#2 on AMAZON) of "Measuring Customer Experience: How to Develop and Execute the Most Profitable Customer Experience Strategies."