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Pekka Hyysalo

FightBack of Responsibility

A Talk by Pekka Hyysalo (CEO, FightBack)

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About this Talk

Pekka Hyysalo was in the early stages of his professional career when one second changed everything. In April 2010, he had a serious jump accident in Ylläs, suffered a life-threatening brain injury and was in a coma for three weeks. Contrary to gloomy predictions, he recovered to an independent life with the power of gut (Finnish Sisu) and by not giving up.

As the battle for rankings changed to a battle for his life, his values changed. The FightBack - battle back to life - began. FightBack later developed into a brand and a new life mission for Pekka. The FightBack movement supports those with head injuries and others in challenging situations.

In this keynote, Pekka tells his story and what it has taught to him.

About The Speakers

Pekka Hyysalo

Pekka Hyysalo

CEO, FightBack

Former Freestyle Skier topping worldwide rankings. International Keynote Speaker.