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Clare Muscutt

Customer Experience: Transformation is the problem not the solution

A Talk by Clare Muscutt (Founder & Director, CMXperience)

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About this Talk

Transformation is all around us these days. Whether digital, cultural, operational, or our own field — customer experience — the answer to everything seems to be a radical overhaul. It sounds bold, aspirational, and sexy. But is it really the right approach? Do these projects deliver the goods? In truth, large-scale episodic changes rarely work due to the cost, complexity, leadership and timescales. Entropy wins, and by the time companies have ‘transformed’, their customers have already moved the goalposts. The longer we take to deliver, the more risk we expose ourselves to. The larger the changes we propose, the greater resistance we face. So, what’s the alternative? How do we move at pace to create greater value for our customers, employees and business? Clare Muscutt proposes a logical, yet radical four-fold approach. One that constitutes a pragmatic, efficient and effective alternative to improving customer experiences. One that is human centred, by design.

About The Speakers

Clare Muscutt

Clare Muscutt

Founder & Director, CMXperience

International consultant, keynote speaker, soon to be the author of the book ‘How to be Awesome at CX’’. Clare is a leader of the Women in the CX Community and host of the podcast ‘Inspiring Women in CX.’ She has also been recognised as the 2020 UK Top Female Influencer, one of the Global Top 150 CX Experts