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Clint Payne

CX driving transformation - the 3 most important things I've learned as the CX lead in a transformation program.

A Talk by Clint Payne (Senior Manager, Customer Experience at MultiChoice, MultiChoice)

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About this Talk

Big organisational transformational programs don’t come along every day. For most of us, the CX theory of strategy, organisational buy in, journey design and the like, are not often stress tested in organisational redesign. I’m fortunate enough to be in midst of just such a transformational program across the entire African continent and I’d like to share with you the practical ways in which CX we know and love, needs to flex, adapt and change. The truth is however you think you’re going to do CX, it’s not going to play out that way. In this session I’ll share how we’ve held on tightly to the CX knowledge and skill we love, but flexed how we deliver to fast track transformation.

About The Speakers

Clint Payne

Clint Payne

Senior Manager, Customer Experience at MultiChoice, MultiChoice

Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) and Accredited Customer Experience Professional (ACXP)