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Graeme Newell

Behavioral Science/Behavioral Finance

A Talk by Graeme Newell (Behavioral Finance Speaker &. Researcher, 602 Communications)

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About this Talk

How the Smartest Brands Are Talking About Covid. The pandemic has turned a fun afternoon of shopping into a potentially life-threatening activity. Pandemic-related CX has badly misjudged what customers want from brands right now. Messaging is awash with inauthentic concern and exploitation. Behavioral finance researcher Graeme Newell reveals how smart brands are building life-long connections through a deep understanding of how frightened people shop.

About The Speakers

Graeme Newell

Graeme Newell

Behavioral Finance Speaker &. Researcher, 602 Communications

Graeme Newell is an author, speaker and the president of 602 Communications, a neuroscience research and consulting firm that specializes in behavioral finance. Graeme shows audiences how to make smarter money decisions using the latest brain science insights.