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Salla Seppä

Chief Customer Experience Officer, Nordic Business Forum Nordic Business Forum and Salla Seppä with her team were awarded the “Customer Experience of the Year” award by CXPA Finland in 2018. Salla is a sought-after speaker, expert and contributor in the field of customer experience and also co-authoring a book on B2B customer experience (to be published by Alma Talent in early 2021). Before joining Nordic Business Forum in 2016, Salla worked for 15 years in brand and marketing roles at Nokia and Microsoft.

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Salla Seppä is an awarded CX professional and leader with a background in marketing at Nokia and Microsoft. She is responsible for holistic CX management, measurement, development and execution for Nordic Business Forum, one of the world's most significant business conferences. At annual NBForum events, featuring world-renowned speakers and leaders such as President Barack Obama, Salla Seppä and her team have successfully delivered customer service excellence to about 10 000 event guests yearly in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

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