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Omid Asgari

Founder & CEO, DCG Lab Keynote Speaker, Lecturer, Trainer, Consultant in Neurobranding, Neuromarketing and Neuroleadership 10 + years of Neurobranding Experience 10 + years of academic experience

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A passionate Neurobranding Strategist, Omid Asgari is the founder and CEO at DCG Lab and a Ph.D. researcher in Entrepreneurial Cognition and Managerial Decision making with the Value Creation Wheel (VCW) framework at Nova School of Business and Economics. He also holds international MSc degrees in business administration from TIAS School for Business and Society (Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands) and global entrepreneurship program at Emlyon Business School (France). He is serving as Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant in “Consumer behavior”, “Consumer and Managerial Decision Making” and “Advanced Marketing” courses at Nova SBE. His drive is learning about actions, implementing what he has learned in the business world and sharing for our society. Currently, he is serving as Chief Neurobranding Officer (CNO) for VCW Lab at NOVA where he is senior sales and marketing leader in a H2020 project "Technology-Market Transfer, Growth & Sustainability" (NextLand). He is a dedicated researcher for developing concepts for managers not just to make better decisions, but also make the right decisions in the right manner. As a neurobranding strategist, he utilizes not just only big data but also small and smart data to design more sustainable customer experiences. He helps organizations to empower their go-to-market strategy and commercialization process via applied neuroscience in business. He serves companies in creating more value for stakeholders by brain-friendly integrated sustainable marketing, and branding solutions. He has passion contribute to the body of marketing, branding and innovation knowledge.

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Omid Asgari