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Olga Potaptseva

Founder, European customer consultancy Olga is the inventor of a CX Implementation Toolkit that has proven to embed customer centricity 3-4 times faster, in a sustainable way. Her purpose is to make as many companies as possible truly customer centric, meaning they think and act in the interest of their customers and get the business benefits this approach deserves. Olga is an international customer experience leader, speaker, global best selling author. She has been recognised as Top 150 Global CX Professionals in 2020 and Top 25 in the UK in 2019.

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Olga is passionate about turning the dream of customer centricity into the everyday reality of doing business, and her clients benefit from her CX Implementation Toolkit, designed to do just that. With her 20 years professional experience in CX, she advises and mentors leading organisations around the world across industry verticals like Insurance, Telco, Banking, Hospitality, Retail and others.

Olga promotes CX best practice creation and sharing through her role of the Executive Director at the Customer Institute, a Judge at the CX Awards, an author, and a speaker. She is a strong believer in the power of CX community and is building it in the country of Georgia, where she currently lives.

Her company, European Customer Consultancy, will ensure: • You understand what your customers really need • You can deliver on customers’ needs whilst saving costs & generating profit • Your employees are engaged behind the CX agenda and collaborate to deliver value

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