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Graeme Newell

Behavioral Finance Speaker &. Researcher, 602 Communications Graeme Newell is an author, speaker and the president of 602 Communications, a neuroscience research and consulting firm that specializes in behavioral finance. Graeme shows audiences how to make smarter money decisions using the latest brain science insights.

About this speaker

Graeme utilizes a new generation of neuroscience technology that uncovers the very strange ways our very flawed human brains make decisions. Using brain scanning machines such as EEGs and MRIs, he gets direct feedback on the effectiveness of human decision making. Graeme doesn’t just ask customers their preferences, he peers inside their brains to see which emotion centers are lit up.

Graeme has delivered more than 400 speeches at events in 25 countries around the world. His presentation makes complicated brain science simple and fun. Most importantly, he leaves audiences with a toolkit of actionable tactics they can put to use right on the front lines.

Graeme Newell has done speaking, research and consulting for corporations across the globe, including: GE, Disney, Sony, CBS, Madison Square Garden, Comcast, and Universal Studios.

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Graeme Newell