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Amélie Beerens

Customer Experience Consultant CX Consultant & Podcast, I help Managers take actions on their digital roadmap thanks to my strong Customer Centric Mindset.

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I started my digital journey ten years ago as a project manager because I was, and still am, very curious about this digital world that can't stop evolving.

Voyaging from big corporation to small company, from one assignment to another, from one sector to another – the digital journeys in companies I had the chance to work with were all so different and yet so similar.

It’s been ten years of building and optimizing digital projects within companies where I support strategies and operations while helping the collaboration between business and tech, growing my knowledge of technology and management.

I believe the successful recipe is based on people, people, and also people.

People are the first thing I’m curious about. I should say, fascinated.

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The CX mindset. Discover with me the 3 key elements you should consider as the basic practices of any CX methodology

Amélie Beerens