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Have a look at our overall agenda and add the different live track sessions and pre-recordings to your schedule. Pre-recordings will be available from October 6th midnight (EEST) for about three months.

Please note that all times are in EEST (GMT +3h / CEST +1h / UK +2h).

Global track (live sessions) - times in EEST (GMT+3)

15.30-15.45 Pre-networking

15.45-16.00 Welcome

16.00-16.20 Shaun Smith: Is CX still relevant in a Covid-19 world?

16.20-16.40 Clare Muscutt: Customer Experience: Transformation is the problem not the solution

16.40-17.00 James Dodkins: The CX Quiz

17.00-17.20 Pekka Hyysalo: FightBack of Responsibility

17.20-17.40 Facilitated Networking

17.40-18.00 Shep Hyken: How to Deliver an Amazing CX Today & Beyond - interview

18.00-18.20 Wrap up

18.20-18.40 BREAK

Country tracks (live sessions) - times in EEST (GMT+3)

Belgium track

18.40-19.00 Els Dhaeze: CX transformation based on the 6 batteries of change

19.00-19.20 Amélie Beerens, Human After All (SRL): The CX mindset. Discover with me the 3 key elements you should consider as the basic practices of any CX methodology + Q&A

19.20-19.40 Jonathan Daniels, CX Brussels and CX CENTRIC: Introducing the CX CENTRIC Playbook + Q&A

19.40-20.00 Marjan Geerts, UX Coach: The value of UX design in your company + Q&A

20.00-20.20 Anna Noakes Schulze, Ecodynamics: Customer Experience for the Platform Business Model + Q&A

20.20-20.40 Reverien Uwacu, RÊVE Solutions: How Efficient Employee experience is helping companies in crisis periods + Q&A

Finland track

18.40-19.00 Sirte Pihlaja, Shirute: Welcome to CXPA Finland CX Day 2020 - Customer Award Finland

19.00-19.20 Anna Tapio, Housing Fair Finland: Housing of tomorrow – inspired by ethnography +Q&A

19.20-19.40 Sirte Pihlaja, Shirute: Get Ready, Get Serious, PLAY! +Q&A

19.40-20.00 Jussi Mantere, K Group: Learnings From A Spring Of Change +Q&A

20.00-20.20 Salla Seppä, Nordic Business Forum & Sirte Pihlaja, Shirute: What do you do when the rules of the game change around you? - interview +Q&A

20.25-20.40 Wrap up & Local Networking

Caucasus track (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan) 

18.40-19.00 Olga Potaptseva, European Customer Consultancy: The experience economy

19.00-19.20 Nino Kvashilava, Leading bank in Georgia: Top CX challenges and successes in banking industry

19.20-19.40 Omid Asgari, DCG Lab: A Golden Triangle on Your X in Digital Transformation Era - UX, CX and BX

19.40-20.00 Arthur Arzumanyan, Russian-Armenian University & Satenik Torosyan: Marketing and CX relationship in education and business

20.00-20.20 Wrap up & Local Networking

Russia track (All talks in this stream are in Russian)

09.00-09.30 Olga Guseva, Integria: New reality. World’s best practices.

10.00-10.30 Elena Rozanova, Colliers International: CX in commercial real estate. Outlook and opportunities.

11.00-11.40 Natalya Sorokina, RGS Bank: How to involve front line employees?

12.00-12.45 Alexey Shemetov, Amulex: Consumer extremism: myths and reality, the reasons why it appears and ways to minimize it.

13.00-13.45 Albina Logacheva, “Serkety Servisa” and “Praktika Uspekha”: Managing your reputation via strategic work with customer feedback

14.00-14.45 Olga Omelchenko/Michael Ruckman, Sber Private Banking / Ceo Senteo: CX transformation 2005-2020

15.00-15.45 Nina Guybennet, Tele2: The ROI of CX. How to convince top-management and stakeholders to invest into customer and customer needs

South Africa track

18.40-19.00 Mumbi Odame, Rand Merchant Bank: A holistic approach to CX transformation

19.00-19.20 Clint Payne, MultiChoice: CX driving transformation - the 3 most important things I've learned as the CX lead in a transformation program

19.20-19.40 Marnitz Van Heerden, Hollard Insurance: True CX transformation – The playfield of the brave and fearless

19.40-20.00 Wrap up & Local Networking

Switzerland track

19.00-19.20 Olga Guseva, Integria: Customer centric culture – the only sustainable competitive advantage

19.20-19.40 Olga Guseva + Q&A

19.40-20.00 Nina Bühlmann, QoQa Services: The secret to a long lasting community

20.00-20.20 Nina Bühlmann + Q&A

20.20-20.40 Dr. Prof. Michael Grund, HWZ - University of Applied Sciences in BA Zurich: Swiss CEX Study 2020 – First figures and results of the upcoming 4th edition of the study


You can find all the pre-recordings on the replays page. Please use the filter "Pre-recorded presentations & interviews".